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We’re failing entry level educators: What good employers do

25 February on Lessons Learned, Student Affairs

This isn’t going to be the type of post about questions to ask your interviewer or how to write a good thank you note. I’m not even telling you to...

The risk of not taking risks

23 April on Graduate School, Lessons Learned, Student Affairs, Talk Story, Transition, Vermont

I had the honor of presenting my final capstone project for my graduate program. The traditional format with a project like this is often through an online portfolio, a thesis,...

I don’t have a best friend.

02 April on Talk Story

“Trina, do you have a best friend?” Someone recently asked me this question, and I didn’t have an honest or thoughtful answer. I guess the answer is no. I have...

“I won something again”: The Politics of Success, Bragging, Humility, and Being a Womyn of Color

17 March on Lessons Learned, Self-Care, Student Affairs

What does it mean to “deserve” something? In my recent accolades and good news, many praised me with comments, like “Well deserved!” What is the purpose of awards? Is it...