4 Steps To Reigniting Childhood Creativity

When I was younger, I thought I was a witch, and I casted spells on mean kids. This is how I got into poetry. I read books on how to be a kid detective (I made my own periscope made out of mirrors and a milk carton), found ways to watch Seinfeld past bedtime, and picked out interesting [...]

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On Being a “Bad Student”: Is Knowledge Really Power?

Have you ever had a dream that you were getting ready for the day? This morning, I slept through my alarm and had the most vivid dream about getting up, picking an outfit for the day, going to the bathroom, and brushing my teeth. This dream was so vivid that the only reason I actually got up [...]

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5 Reminders When You Feel Like Quitting Grad School

 7th month check-in. Yup. Perfectly on schedule. My graduate program is notorious for being affectionately called "Two Years Of Sitting In Your Shit… And Becoming A Better Person Because Of It." One thing I know I have mastered in my masters program is how to do an ugly cry while screaming about institutional systems of oppression… while [...]

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5 Things I Wish I Knew When Applying to Grad School

1. Be open to the unexpected.  I had my fair share of acceptances and rejections the two times I applied to grad school. Imagine being where you are now: applied to grad school, just finished traveling and interviewing, got your offers on the table… and then deciding to take a year off. This is what I did, and [...]

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“Lotion is paint”: Finding art and play in the little things in life

One of my favorite things as a girl was walking out from a bath, jumping on the bed and applying the sweet smell of baby lotion on my damp skin. Growing up, it was my mom or one of my aunts who bathed me and put moisturizer on me. It was always a rushed process, [...]

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“We both got busy”: Losing Friends While Focusing On My Career

"We both got busy"-- this phrase is where my friendships go to die. I can't tell you how many times I cut people out of my life, because I felt that they weren't putting in enough effort into the relationship. And how many times have we seen messages like this?   And as empowering as [...]

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Are You a Social Justice Bully? 3 Tips on Navigating It

It happens. I had the opportunity to be on the leadership for Next Step: A Social Justice Retreat. We faced tough conversations on identity-- everything from race, White privilege, sexual orientation, gender expression, socioeconomic status... A few of the leaders and I got to talking about social justice bullying. You know, that moment when you [...]

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Being “On”: 5 Tips on Professionalism and Confidence

R and I got to talking about being "on" and what professionalism means. A lot of the answers led to self-confidence and the way we present ourselves when walking into a room. Other than dressing in the color of the year, I got to thinking about the tools I collected to become more confident and, [...]

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A California Sunrise

As my body slowly starts to readjust to east coast time, I woke up before the sunrise today. I was still feeling rather cold and sleepy and listed the pros and cons in my head of getting up to watch the sunrise, just like I used to in high school on good mornings. "Urgent, important: [...]

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Bayanihan means the “spirit of community.”

In light of Typhoon Yolanda, I want to share an excerpt from an assignment I did months ago on "My Professional Philosophy." I have no doubt that the power of "bayanihan" is being practiced all over the islands of the Philippines at this moment. And as I presently scramble to think of how I can help from all the way [...]

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