“Kindness” On My Resume: Is That A Thing?

I've met plenty of successful and/or famous people. The smoke and mirrors are kind of dispelled for me. And I'm at a point in my career and education where I'm no longer phased by an impressive resume. And frankly, sometimes really successful people are jerks. I began to ask myself, "What if we treated kindness [...]

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Chasing Meaning > Avoiding Discomfort

A phenomenal TED talk to start your week. What will you do to transform the way you see your stress? "One thing we know for certain is that chasing meaning is better for your health than trying to avoid discomfort... go after what it is that creates meaning in your life and then trust yourself to handle the stress [...]

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The secret to perfect timing

There's something about experiencing a true fall for the first time that makes me feel like I'm seeing something I'm not suppose to see-- as if this secret season is only for those who slow down long enough to pay attention. In California, autumn is the season when leaves turn from green to brown. I [...]

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23 going on 5

I'm a hard planner. I plan every second of my day. But today I had a conversation with my professor, Dr. M, and after affirming my desire to reach world class achievement through my intense planning... she softly encouraged me to look for the beauty and awe in spontaneity. And while I'm a believer in [...]

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Bread, Puppet, and Pastries

Baked goods, beautiful scenery, and community political theatre all in one? My happiness value was just ringing on this day. During one of my first week's here in Vermont, E took me and R to this hidden bakery about an hour out from Burlington. It was a tiny mam and pap shop, called Bohemian Bread, [...]

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Making An Apartment Into A Home

Roman and I met three years ago in Philadelphia at a NASPA conference as NUFP fellows. We both had a rather secret process when it came to grad school two years later. So imagine my surprise to see him sleeping at the airport at our layover in Chicago on the way to Interview Weekend at [...]

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3 Things I Learned From Going to the VMAs

Before moving to Vermont, one of my “very California” hobbies was attending television and award shows as an audience member. I love the smoke and mirrors behind Hollywood, and I love seeing the unglamorous backstage aspects even more. And when in LA, we party. And we do it very well. Singing and dancing along [...]

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A Broke Grad Student’s Dinner

Budget doesn't have to mean boring.  Dinner is served! And so is lunch for the rest of the week! Tonight I made salmon oatmeal patties, cumin and brown sugar-rubbed salmon, brown rice, and mixed veggies with spinach! The salmon fillets were from a giant frozen pack from Costco, all frozen veggies and rice from the [...]

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Guest Blogger on
Student Affairs Fit

Check out my guest post on the Student Affairs Fit blog on sleep wellness in graduate school: Sleep is for the weak and other myths. By: Trina Tan 

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To Do: Move Your Life to the Other Side of the Country

Goodbyes were said. FaceTime sessions with Mommy were arranged. And bags are completely unpacked. And I have a bed. A dangerous one that is so comfy, it's a trap. Check. And check. And check.  I can't say I'm ready for the snow, but I definitely feel the warmth of the people here. There really is [...]

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