I can’t believe it’s over/just beginning.

What's a Hoya. Yes. So life happened. And I had the most exciting summer in DC and didn't blog any of it. Perhaps musings about Georgetown will return when nostalgia hits, but for now... wellness for tonight will mean continuing to be present and letting life happen, sometimes quickly and without much time to stop [...]

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Politics of Pretty: Part I

My extensive make-up routine is one of the biggest reasons why I don't like to exercise in the morning. Let's just say it involves an airbrush machine and goat hair brushes. Context: I was raised by eight women. All of them have very strong personalities, perfectionist personas, and cabinets full of cosmetics (Gee... I wonder [...]

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That one time I saw Joe Biden at church.
Oh yeah, God was there, too.

I was late for Mass. As usual. As I fast-walked to the closest Catholic church to my apartment in Georgetown, I smoothed out my hair wondering how strict they would be about late comers. In the short time that I was living here, I quickly recognized how polished and privileged the people in this town [...]

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Who turns down free food?
Not me.

One of my favorite things about working in student affairs: free food  One of my worst nemeses to my fitness goals: free food  Trays of hot gourmet meals at banquets, yummy snacks handed out during finals week, the bready breakfast options at morning meetings... Let's face it. Food just tastes better when it's free. While exploring Dupont [...]

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Did I make a mistake?

An actual diary entry from April 28, 2013: "After pulling a mission last night to make it back in time to get ready and be there for my students' Confirmation ceremony, I had the most breathtaking view. It was about 5:45am with the sun, so new and infant-like, slowly rising up to be seen in [...]

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I don’t run.

I can give up anything. I can go on a plant-based diet. I can increase my water intake and swallow any sized vitamin with ease. I can even take the recommendation to see a counselor without feeling offended. Sure. But don't ask me to run... The hardest part of this whole "wellness journey" for me [...]

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I have a crush

Is it possible that the same "feel good/falling in love" hormones are also released when we achieve success? I walk around with a hanger in my mouth. I get twists and turns in my tummy when I think about my big move to Vermont. And my palms get sweaty when I'm reminded of all the [...]

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